Downtown Ithaca Alliance
171 E. State St. PMB 136
Ithaca NY 14850
Office: 607-277-8679
Fax: 607-277-8691

Downtown Ithaca Alliance Staff

Gary Ferguson, Executive Director – ext. 104

Kris Lewis, Operations Director – ext. 102

Olivia Pastella, Office Manager

Allison Graffin, Marketing Director

Tatiana Sy, Special Events Director – ext. 106

Shannon Williamson, Graphic Designer – ext. 107

Darlene M. Donohue, Communications Manager

Scott Rougeau, Project Associate – ext. 105

Commons Construction Staff Contacts

Commons Construction Office Number: 607-216-8873

Michael Kuo, Project Manager

Tammy Baker, Outreach Coordinator (Commons Construction Mitigation Manager)

Jessica Buckley, Project Engineer

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I’ve had a law firm on the Commons for 4 years now. In reviewing the list of shops and services on the site I am wondering why law firms aren’t listed. I’m just curious why law wouldn’t be listed as a “service.” Thanks.

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